Why should I chose plastic containers over steel containers?

Plastic containers show many advantages over steel containers. They need much less maintenance since they do not rust, chip, crack of deform over time. You will never need to repair or repaint them. We use a unique polymer resin called PolytrATM which is very resistant to impact, even under -40°Celcius!! (see video) Furthermore, plastic is way quieter during pick ups and unloads.

In addition to regular waste and recycling collection, Rotek's containers do a wonderful job for putrescible, organic or compostable waste recovery. They are also used to collect used cooking grease in many restaurants since they are watertight and they easily unload frozen waste. (see video)

Do your part for the environment! Steel containers need to be changed or repainted often causing a lot of pollution. Rotek Plastic conainers won't need any harsh chemical treatments and they are made of 100% recyclable plastic!

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